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Improve Memory

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  • Subliminal Therapy’s “Improve Memory” was designed to improve memorization, concentration, and short-term memory recall
  • Help you retain knowledge
  • Make it easier to remember names, appointments, and phone numbers
  • We offer a selection of music to suite virtually any musical preference. Music samples are to the right of this page.
  • Subliminal Therapy products are not recommended for use while driving.
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Product Description

We can’t make you smarter, but we can improve the way your mind works. Memory is the backbone of intelligence and one cannot be found without the other. As we get older our memories start to decline due to many factors such as diet, alcohol or drug use, poor sleeping habits, and stress. “Improve Memory” is designed to improve memorization, concentration, and short as well as long-term recall. Benefits of this title can be seen at work, school, or even completing daily tasks.

Subliminal Memory CDAll Subliminal Therapy titles are designed using a our trademarked Quad-Layered Subliminal Encoding Technology™ which includes specialized brain wave entrainment for maximum effectiveness. “Improve Memory” features a single music track that is over 30 minutes long and contains no audible vocals. Implanted within this gentle music are over 35 doctor-engineered binural subliminal messages that repeat over 1,500,000 times throughout the audio track. All subliminal suggestions are recorded in both male and female voices for maximum subconscious absorption.

This therapeutic program can be listened to at anytime (i.e. while reading, working, or studying). “Improve Memory” should be listened to at least twice a week for the first month for best results. Results are often seen in the first week of treatment with “Improve Memory”. Subliminal Memory

Subliminal Messages in Improve Memory

This is the complete list of subliminal messages which are included in Subliminal Therapy’s “Improve Memory”. These messages are listed below in suggestion and affirmation format.


My mind is quick and alert
You always remember information accurately.
Your mind absorbs information easily.
You always remember details.
You remember everything you need to.
You recall information easily and accurately.
You have a talent for memorization.
You recall information rapidly.
You use your memory to make informed decisions.
You retain all necessary information.
You remember everything you want to.
You control your ability to remember.
You will no longer forget.
You let memories come naturally.
Your memory improves every day.
I will concentrate on the task at hand.


I remember everything I want to.
Your mind is quick and alert.
I always remember information accurately.
My mind absorbs information easily.
I always remember details.
I remember everything that I need to.
I recall information easily and accurately.
I have a talent for memorization.
I recall information rapidly.
I use my memory to make informed decisions.
I retain all necessary information.
I let memories come naturally.
I will no longer forget.
I control my ability to remember.
My memory improves every day.
You will concentrate on the task at hand.

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