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Increase Confidence

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  • Subliminal Therapy’s “Increase Confidence” was designed to quickly increase self esteem and confidence.
  • Helps you develop a confident attitude, presence, and demeanor.
  • Naturally disrupts negative thought-patterns and encourages empowering beliefs.
  • We offer a selection of music to suite virtually any musical preference. Music samples are to the right of this page.
  • Subliminal Therapy products are not recommended for use while driving.
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Product Description

Your level of confidence directly determines what you will and will not accomplish in your life. How we feel about ourselves affects everything we do and how others view us as well. Confidence determines the way in which we conduct ourselves in important situations and how we treat ourselves and others. If we see ourselves as being worth something and valuable in certain ways, it will be reflected positively in our outlook and behavior. On the other hand, if we believe that we are worthless and have no value, those beliefs will be apparent in our behaviors and interactions with others.

Many of our thoughts of our self-worth were formed in our childhood and adolescent years. We can alter negative thoughts of self worth by by accessing the unconscious mind and altering negative thought patterns with Subliminal Therapy.

All Subliminal Therapy titles are designed using a our trademarked Quad-Layered Subliminal Encoding Technology™ which includes specialized brain wave entrainment for maximum effectiveness. “Increase Confidence” features a single music track that is over 30 minutes long and contains no audible vocals. However, within this gentle music are over 35 doctor-engineered subliminal messages that repeat well over a million times throughout the subliminal audio track. All subliminal suggestions are recorded in both male and female voices for maximum effectiveness.

This subliminal confidence program can be listened to at anytime throughout the day. “Increase Confidence” has been one of our best selling subliminal programs since it was first introduced in 2000.

Subliminal Messages in Confidence

The following subliminal suggestions and affirmations are included in Subliminal Therapy’s “Self-Confidence”:


There is nothing I cannot accomplish.
I will not criticize myself.
I am proud of myself.
I can overcome any challenge or obstacle.
I can handle any situation.
I will carry myself with confidence.
I will live my life with courage and inspiration.
I have faith in my abilities.
I approve of myself.
I appreciate myself more every day.
I trust my judgment.
I appreciate myself and my accomplishments.
I am successful at everything I do.
I am inspiring to those around me.
I speak up for myself.
I am capable of completing any task.
I am comfortable with myself.
I accept myself as I am.
I believe in myself.
I am in control of my life.


You can overcome any challenge or obstacle.
There is nothing you cannot accomplish.
You will not criticize yourself.
You take pride in yourself.
You are in control of your life.
You can handle any situation.
You will carry yourself with confidence.
You believe in yourself.
You accept yourself as you are.
You are comfortable with yourself.
You are capable of completing any task.
You speak up for yourself.
You will live your life with courage and inspiration.
You have faith in your abilities.
You are inspiring to those around you.
You are successful at everything you do.
You appreciate yourself and your accomplishments.
You trust your judgment.
You appreciate yourself more every day.
You approve of yourself.

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