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  • Anti-Anxiety was designed for those that suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, Panic Disorder, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).
  • Helps reduce excess feelings of fear, apprehension, and worry.
  • Significantly reduces the severity and occurrence of panic attacks.
  • Provides a safe, effective, and natural alternative to dangerous prescription medications with zero side effects.
  • Anti-Anxiety enables the listener to be relaxed, calm, and in control of their emotions during any situation.
  • We offer a selection of music to suite virtually any musical preference. Music samples are to the right of this page.
  • Subliminal Therapy products are not recommended for use while driving.
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Product Description

No one should have to live their life in a state of fear and dread. Anxiety can be a disabling illness, severely affecting your happiness and well-being.

Subliminal Anxiety Tape“Anti-Anxiety” is a powerful subliminal hypnosis program that has repeatedly and consistently shown life-changing results. This subliminal program provides a powerful vehicle for accessing the subconscious mind and altering unwanted anxiety-producing thoughts and memories. Old associations are broken and new, healthy thought patterns are formed.

“Anti-Anxiety” was designed to treat Panic Disorder (panic attacks), Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), and general anxiety problems. This is possible because all of these anxiety related disorders have the same symptoms, but only differ in their severity and length.

All Subliminal Therapy titles are designed using a our trademarked Quad-Layered Subliminal Music Technology which includes specialized brain wave entrainment for maximum effectiveness. “Anti-Anxiety” features a single music track that is over 30 minutes long and contains no audible vocals. Implanted within this gentle music are over 35 doctor-engineered binural subliminal messages that repeat over 1,500,000 times throughout the entire audio track. All subliminal messages are recorded in both male and female voices for maximum subconscious absorption.

This subliminal anxiety program can be listened to at anytime (i.e. before or after an anxiety provoking event). Relief from symptoms of panic attacks and anxiety disorders are often seen in the very first week of treatment.

Subliminal Messages in Anti-Anxiety

We include both subliminal affirmations and suggestions in all our titles. An affirmation is spoken to yourself and a suggestion is spoken by another.

The following is the complete list of subliminal messages included in “Anti-Anxiety”:


I am calm and relaxed throughout my day.
I am in complete control of my life.
I can handle any situation.
I am safe and secure.
I will stop worrying.
I am calm and in control.
I clear the thoughts of worry and fear from my head.
I can overcome any challenge or obstacle.
I look forward to my future.
I will breathe calmly and evenly in all situations.

I am successful at everything I do.


You are calm and relaxed throughout your day.
You can handle any situation.
You are in complete control of your life.
You are safe and secure.
You will stop worrying.
You are calm and in control.
You clear the thoughts of worry and fear from your head.
You can overcome any challenge or obstacle.
You look forward to your future.
You will breathe calmly and evenly in all situations.

You are successful at everything you do.
Your mind is capable of completing any task.

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