With Subliminal Therapy, you’re in control of your treatment. It’s that simple, you can listen as little or as much as needed to achieve the results you are looking for. The following is a collection of recommendations and tips to ensure proper use.

Subliminal Therapy can be listened to at any time, with an obvious exception for our sleep-related programs.

All our programs feature brain wave entrainment, which has a natural relaxing effect on listeners. Due to this relaxing effect, we recommend that Subliminal Therapy programs not be used while driving.

The more you listen to your Subliminal Therapy program, the more potent the results.

You do not need to wear headphones while listening, studies have shown that speakers are just as effective.

Listen to your Subliminal Therapy program a minimum of at least two to three times in the first week.

You can listen to many different titles on the same day. The more you use Subliminal Therapy programs the more receptive the mind is to receiving the subliminal messages contained. The mind becomes “warmed-up”, if you will, and as such requires less exposure to the subliminal messages for them to be effective.