Downloading a Subliminal Therapy MP3 file is simple, quick, and easy. An mp3 download is excellent for those who wish to begin using their Subliminal Therapy programs immediately.

1. Add the subliminal MP3 program of your choosing to our online shopping cart and begin the checkout process.

2. You will be given an option to create an account at Subliminal Therapy or to checkout as a guest. We recommend creating an account as your Subliminal Therapy program will always be available on our website if you ever need to download it again. If you choose the guest checkout option you will be allowed to download the mp3 file immediately after checkout but will not have access to the file in the future.

3. Complete the checkout process.

4. Navigate to “My Account” where you will see your list of available downloads.

4. Click on the title you purchased and save the mp3 file to the desired location on your computer. Your download will now begin at speeds of up to 50 MB per second, however, the file’s download time is dependent on the speed of your internet connection.

You now have the mp3 file saved to your computer, tablet, or smartphone, it’s that easy!

You can now burn the mp3 file to an audio CD if you have a CD-R drive (standard in computers manufactured after 2002) or copy it to your smartphone or tablet.

For those who wish to add an MP3 to an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, etc) we recommend adding it to your iTunes account first.