Frequently Asked Questions

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Absolutely. We wouldn’t be able to sell it if it didn’t.

MP3 orders are ready for download immediately after the order has been completed. Audio CDs are shipped the next business day after the order has been received and may take an additional 2-4 days for delivery (USPS estimate).

Once checkout has been completed, you will be directed to an account page where your downloads will be listed. Click on your download link(s) and choose where you want the MP3 file to be downloaded on your computer and select “Save to Disk”.

Please read this article for detailed instructions concerning MP3 downloads.

We recommend playing Subliminal Therapy with headphones but studies have shown speakers to be just as effective.

Please read this article for instructions on the use of multiple titles.

Subliminal Therapy products where technically designed to be used on the adult brain. However, any age group that can understand basic English can benefit from our sessions. We have received testimonials from parents about how effective our “Sleep Aid” title has been with stubborn sleepers. Only you know your child and what is best for the situation.

Listen at what ever volume makes you comfortable. Relaxation is the key to an effective Subliminal Therapy experience. Find the volume where the music isn’t distracting you, that’s the right volume.

Subliminal Therapy delivers rapid results that are often seen after the very first session. However, depending on your sensitivity to subliminal suggestions, products may take 2-3 sessions to take effect in some people. Interestingly, people who are of higher intelligence seem to be more sensitive to subliminal suggestions then the general population.