We realize that some of the terms we use on our website maybe new to some of our customers. Here are definitions of terms often used here at SubliminalTherapy.com.

Subliminal messages: A subliminal message is an intentional message that passes unnoticed by the conscious mind. Subliminal messages can be in audio or video format. At Subliminal Therapy we focus primarily on audio subliminal messages implanted within music.

Subliminal hypnosis: Subliminal hypnosis is a form of hypnosis that uses subliminal messages instead of audible vocal messages.

Subliminal suggestions: A subliminal suggestion is a subliminal message that is worded as if spoken to you.

Subliminal affirmations: A subliminal affirmation is a subliminal message that is worded as if you are speaking to yourself.

Binural audio: Binural audio is a form of recording and playback in which multiple microphones in different locations are used instead of a single microphone.

Brain wave entrainment: This refers to an audio brain wave frequency, usually played at 4-7Hz per second. Brain wave entrainment has a natural relaxing effect on listeners.