Subliminal Therapy Affiliate ProgramSubliminal Therapy’s affiliate program offers a 35% commission on all purchases made via referral. We encourage people to become a Subliminal Therapy affiliate because most of our customers hear of us for the first time from recommendation. This is an excellent way to make money by placing an affiliate link on your web site, blog, or any social media page (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Here’s how it works: The potential customer clicks on your affiliate link and is directed to the Subliminal Therapy web site and a small piece of code called a “cookie” is placed in the customer’s browser. You then receive a 35% commission on the customer’s entire order, whether it’s 1 CD or MP3 or even 7. Cookies last until the customer deletes them, so even if the customer chooses to make a purchase a week or even 6 months after your referral, you will still get your commission!

We currently have an excellent 4.8% sales-per-click ratio (48 sales per 1000 clicks) and all transactions are handled by a third party, E-Junkie, the same company that handles our online shopping cart. Affiliates are paid their balance every Monday via Paypal, or if you prefer, a money order can be mailed to your address once your sales have exceeded $50.00.

The affiliate program is set up so that you can link to specific product pages or to the Subliminal Therapy home page. All of our products are registered in our affiliate program, so you will receive 35% of any sale. For example: If you are promoting Subliminal Therapy’s “Stress Relief” and a customer buys another product, you will still get a 35% commission.

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